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About Me

I am an experienced international birder, and rainforest ecologist, as well as an avid bird sound recordist, and since 2009 I have guided dozens of birding tours and nature trips to Malaysia, Borneo, Indonesia, Mongolia and elsewhere in Asia, as well as to many destinations in Australasia and the Americas.

Post-pandemic, I am leading tours for LimosaWildwings and Heritage Expeditions to various destinations, but I am also able to offer a personalised guiding service for anyone interested in being accompanied by a professional guide on their private birding, rainforest or wildlife trips. I can also provide expert advice and assistance in planning trips. This website aims to promote those services, as well as my bird sound recordings, and will enable you to learn about my experience and to contact me if you if you wish to do so. 

Bird Guiding, Rainforest and Nature Trips

Malaysia, Borneo, Indonesia, Mongolia, Colombia and Beyond

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Hiring a professional bird guide to accompany you on your private birding trip can be a smart move. An experienced international birding guide who is familiar with the local birds at your destination, who knows the majority of bird vocalizations and has access to a full set of relevant sounds for playback and a network of local contacts can make the difference between a successful trip and one potentially beset with problems. I can also assist in targeting rarer species, and help you plan and organize your trip if required.

(photo: Canopy Walkway in Sabah, Borneo).

frank lambert birding eco tours orang utan Borneo.jpg

As an experienced rainforest ecologist who has spent years studying birds and wildlife in the rainforests of Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah, Borneo, I am very well qualified to offer professional guiding services to tourists visiting Malaysia or north Borneo on nature and wildlife trips. I am also able to guide small nature tour groups, individuals or couples on bird and mammal watching trips to Mongolia, where I have been working with a professional wildlife tour operator for five years.

(photo: Bornean Orang Utan in Sabah, Malaysia ©Nigel Voaden)

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I regularly review bird and mammal books for publishers, some of which are to be found on this website. Please follow the link below to see my most recent in-depth reviews. Recent reviews include Birds of Senegal and The Gambia; Birds of Costa RicaEurope's Birds; Gulls of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa; Birds of the Indonesian Archipelago 2nd EdBirds of MalaysiaBirds of ArgentinaBirds of Colombia; and All Asian Primates.

(photo: Rufous-collared Kingfisher, Borneo ©Nigel Voaden).

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Upcoming Tours with

Confirmed Dates

Tours I am guiding for Limosa, Wildwings, or Heritage Expeditions:
(click on tour name for more information)


Melanesian Islands Explorer  2024

30th October to 15th November

New Guinea to Vanuatu via Solomon Islands

REGUA Scaled_antbird_edited.jpg

Southeast Brazil 2024

29th June to 8th July

Searching for Atlantic Forest specialities 
A 10-day, single-lodge, small group tour 


Ghana 2025 

10th to 24th January

Rainforests of West Africa

Northern_Rockhopper Chris Collins_edited.jpg

South America and South Georgia to St Helena, Ascension and the Cape Verde Islands: seabirds, island endemics and cetaceans

Bird Sound Recordings Frank Lambert Birding.jpg

Bird and mammal Sound Recordings

I have made sound recordings of over 4,600 species of bird. Thousands of birders, bird photographers and bird taxonomists use my bird sounds for a variety of reasons, in particular for playback and taxonomic research. Various birding DVDs and Apps have licensed sounds from me for commercial use: if you are interested in doing the same, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Below is a small selection of bird sounds from recordings that I have made. 

Bird Guiding Mongolia Frank Lambert_edited.jpg
Frank Lambert Birding Mongolia Eco Tour.jpg

People I work with

Any international birding trip takes a significant amount of time to organise, even if only guiding is involved. Although I prefer to work alone, in some cases it is necessary to work with various people, including local agents and guides. In particular, I sometimes work with fellow ecologist John Howes for nature trips in Malaysia and Borneo, and it is essential to work with a local team in Mongolia. 

(photo: Mongolia 2019 ©Frank Lambert)

Frank Lambert Birding Indonesia
frank lambert birding Indonesia eco tour.jpg


Photography is something that I mainly leave to clients. I am not an avid photographer and will not waste your time whilst trying to get good photos for myself. Guides from many bird tour companies are under enormous pressure to take high quality photos for their trip reports, but I would rather use the photos of clients and birding companions.

Many of the photos on this website have been kindly contributed by people who have travelled with me. To see who they are, and view some of their photos from trips to Malaysia, Borneo, Indonesia and Mongolia please click below. 

(photo: Knobbed Hornbill, Sulawesi ©Nigel Voaden)

Malaysia Borneo Rainforest ©Nigel Voaden_edited.jpg

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