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Mongolian Logistics


Most driving in Mongolia is on very poorly defined tracks, sometimes off-road, and hence requires 4WD vehicles, so at least one mechanic accompanies the group.


To be at critical sites for birds or other wildlife early in the morning, it is frequently necessary to camp. The tents for guests, dining tent, warm sleeping bags and mattresses provided are of excellent quality, and the entire campsite is assembled by the field team.


Mongolian trips require careful planning because ecotourists invariably travel to remote areas and there are very few good roads. I work with professional wildlife ecologists and outfitters in Mongolia who make every trip as comfortable and as much fun as possible, without compromising on safety.


As well as camping, we also stay in traditional yurts, which are larger and significantly more comfortable than tents. Most tourist camps in Mongolia accommodate guests in yurts.

Mongolia has diverse habitats that a typical birding or wildlife trip visits, ranging from sandy deserts to dry rocky plains and rolling grasslands to the many wetlands that dot the landscape and the mixed Taiga Forests of the north.

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For safety reasons, at least two four-wheel vehicles are essential on any trip to Mongolia. At least one driver will be an experienced mechanic, and all trips are supported by a 4WD supply vehicle that carried all the camping and cooking equipment, food and water.

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Join a guided Mongolia Tour in June 2023

June is the best month to appreciate the habitats and birds of this wonderful country.

Photo: breeding Asian Dowitcher, Mongolia June 2016

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