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Guided Rainforest and Nature Trips

As an experienced rainforest ecologist who has spent years living in the rainforests of Peninsular Malaysia and Sabah, Borneo, I am well qualified to offer guiding services for ecotourists visiting these areas. In Malaysia I usually work with a long-term friend and fellow ecologist, John Howes.

I've also worked extensively in forests in many parts of the Indonesian archipelago, and regularly guide nature trips to places such as Bali, Sulawesi and Halmahera, where there are many spectacular birds, butterflies and mammals, like the diminutive Spectral Tarsier pictured here (photo ©Nigel Voaden).

Malaysia and Borneo support an incredible diversity of life, particularly in rainforests and mangroves, and these forests are full of incredible sounds, like that of Siamang, a type of gibbon found high in the rainforest canopy. For images of a small selection of wildlife regularly seen in Malaysia, please see the gallery here.

Frank Lambert Birding Indonesia.jpg
Frank Lambert Birding Guiding Mongolia.jpg
Black-billed Capercaillie 1 ed ©Tumendelga Humbaa.jpg

Mongolian Wildlife Trips

I also guide private groups on wildlife or bird and mammal watching trips to Mongolia, working closely with local experts. Here we travel in four-wheel drive vehicles with a full team of helpers, including drivers, a mechanic, a cook and sometimes a local guide (it's better to have a guide in every vehicle when feasible). Camping is essential at some sites in Mongolia, but good quality tents and warm sleeping bags and mats are provided.

(photo: male Black-billed Capercaillie, lekking: ©Tumendelga Humbaa)

Mongolian trips are best customised according to what you would like to see and how long you wish to spend in the country. If you want to try to see mammals such as Snow Leopard or Wild Bactrian Camels, then this requires different timing and arrangements than on a typical wildlife tour. Being in the wilderness of Mongolia is an unforgettable experience that cannot be beaten!

(photo: dwarf hamster, Mongolia: ©Frank Lambert)


I carry a high quality Swarovski telescope on all my nature tours, giving you the best chance to see animals in the canopy of rainforest, or shy species that keep their distance on the Steppes of Mongolia. To search for Snow Leopard, we use three spotters with telescopes and stay in comfortable yurts that are erected nearby.

Mongolia is blessed with a great diversity of curious nocturnal mammals such as jerboas and Long-eared Hedgehog, pictured here on one of our night excursions (photo: ©Frank Lambert). 

Frank Lambert Birding Snow Leopard Mongo

Snow Leopard ©Tumendelga Humbaa

Camera trap photo, Mongolia

Mongolia is arguably the best country in which to find this species.

For anyone interested in a guided nature trip to the rainforests of Malaysia, Borneo or Indonesia, or the steppes, deserts and Taiga forests of Mongolia, I provide a tailored service to suit your needs. Please don't hesitate to get in touch to learn more about what I can help you with. I specialise in guiding individuals, couples and small groups.

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