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Frank Lambert Birding Borneo group with

Julie Trott

"Julie Trott of Melbourne, Florida, saw her 6,000th world bird species on Fri., Nov. 15, 2019, during a guided bird tour of the Santa Marta Mountains of Colombia. The lovely and precarious Santa Marta Warbler was #6,000, but it’s hard for Julie to pick just one of the many species she found. Julie thanks her husband, Tony Trott, and all her bird guides, fellow birders, and bird tour companies. She is especially grateful to Frank Lambert for his guiding services on her most recent trips to Borneo, Peninsular Malaysia, Bali, Sulawesi, and Halmahera."

ABA Birding Magazine April 2020.

Frank Lambert Birding Eco Tour Malaysia Mongolia Indonesia

"Undoubtedly one of our most enjoyable and exciting birding trips ever. The Pallas's Sandgrouse were especially memorable." Roger and Liz Charlwood.  

Below: Pallas's Sandgrouse, Mongolia

©Tumendelga Humbaa

Frank Lambert Birding Eco Tour Mongolia Indonesia Malaysia Borneo

Tom Gullick

In 2012 I had the privilege of showing Tom Gullick his 9,000th species, Wallace's Fruit-Dove, on a tour to eastern Indonesia (I guided him and his wife Patricia to various Indonesian islands on two trips organised by Birdtour Asia). He was the first person to reach this remarkable milestone, as reported widely in the press and elsewhere. Tom subsequently wrote me a letter to thank me and to say that I was the best guide he'd ever birded with (very satisfying and unexpected considering how many guides Tom has hired to show him birds!). One of the birds he most enjoyed was Red-backed Thrush (below, ©Nigel Voaden), endemic to Sulawesi.

Frank Lambert Birding eco guide Malaysia Indonesia Borneo Mongolia
Frank Lambert Birding Gail DeerStone.jpg

Gail Mackiernan and friends

In 2018, Frank Lambert was our guide to one of the most interesting countries in the world - Mongolia. Its endless steppes, vast deserts, wild mountains and varied wetlands host some of the planet’s most wanted birds. Our group, ably supported by Mongolian outfitters, travelled to the dense Taiga forest of the north, south through the steppe grasslands and into the Great Gobi Desert near Mongolia’s southern border with China. Most travel was off-road, on faint tracks or even over trackless desert. It was wonderful. Thanks to Frank’s knowledge (and patience), we recorded about 175 species of birds, including megas such as Pallas’s Sandgrouse, Black-billed Capercaillie, Altai Snowcock, Henderson’s Ground-jay, Azure Tit, Hodgson’s Bushchat, Amur Falcon (pictured below), Oriental Plover and Saxaul Sparrow. We also scored with mammals, including Przewalski’s Horse (the only true wild horse). If you want to visit Mongolia, Frank Lambert is the person to take you!

Gail Mackiernan, Barry Cooper, Peter Colston, and Tony Quinn

Frank Lambert Birding eco guide Malaysia Indonesia Borneo Mongolia

 Amur Falcon ©Nigel Voaden

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