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Bird and Wildlife Sound


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Apart from seeing birds, my main passion is to capture their vocalizations, I have made sound recordings of over 4,600 species of bird, the majority of which (more than 18,700 recordings) have been uploaded to the outstanding website. Many can also be found at the Avian Vocalizations Center ( Michigan State University). I have also donated thousands of recordings to the British Library, many of which are on cassettes made prior to the digital age.

Thousands of people, including bird guides, birders, bird photographers and researchers, use my bird sounds for playback to find  birds, or for taxonomic research. 

I have made many unique recordings, and various birding DVDs and Apps, such as the SASOL eBirds of Southern Africa, and the Birds of Colombia DVD (by Peter Boesman), have licensed sounds from me for commercial use: if you are interested in doing the same, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

(Photo: Sula Pitta, Indonesia ©Boas Emmanuel)

In recent years I have tried to capture the sounds of any mammals that I encounter, particularly in the rainforest. Although rainforests resound with the noise of birds, mammals, amphibians, reptiles and invertebrates, those of the vast majority of species that one hears remain undocumented. Indeed, there are many misunderstandings about sounds in the rainforest, and some birds can even sound like something totally different. It is no wonder, therefore, that local people living in such areas hold many superstitions about noises they hear in the rainforest, 

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frank lambert birding bird sound recordings.jpg

A selection of my sound recordings can be found below....

Main Sound Recording Locations

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